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Orientation to International Outbreak Response with GOARN and WHO Tier 1.5 Training Workshop 2021


Call for Applicants:
Orientation to International Outbreak Response with GOARN and WHO Tier 1.5 Training Workshop 2021

We closed applications.

The Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM), Japan, are pleased to announce an upcoming Orientation to International Outbreak Response with GOARN and WHO workshop targeted specifically to Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and Case Management Specialists.
This two-day virtual workshop will train IPC and Case Management specialists across the WHO Western Pacific Region on the processes, realities, and challenges of working as an IPC or Case Management specialist in the field.
The training programme is a collaborative effort between GOARN, WHO Western Pacific Regional Office, and the NCGM. This training will be conducted under “Research Project on Preparation for Occurrence of Category I Infectious Disease Patients", supported by Health and Labour Sciences Research Grants, Japan. 


GOARN is a global technical partnership established by the WHO in 2000 as a key mechanism to engage the resources of technical agencies across the globe for rapid identification, confirmation, risk assessment, and response to major international public health emergencies such as COVID-19 and Ebola virus disease. 
Welcome to GOARN | GOARN (who.int)  

Training purpose

To train and prepare participants from the Western Pacific Region (WPR) on the process, realities, and challenges of working as IPC or clinical management specialists with GOARN and WHO in responding to international outbreaks. The training will provide opportunities to learn from and interact with GOARN and WHO experts, as well as to develop networking among experts internationally. 

Target audience   

IPC and Case Management Specialists. 
We prioritize applicants who belong to GOARN partner institutions in WHO Western Pacific Region.  

Outline of the training program 

Date: Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th November 2021 

Time: 12:00-15:00 in Manila/13:00-16:00 in Tokyo 

Fee: Free of charge 

Language: English 

-This training program is comprised of pre-course work and on real-time training workshops. 
-The WHO GOARN team issues certificates to the participants who complete the training by email.   

Selection Criteria - Eligibility and Qualifications 

1. Affiliations
Applicants from GOARN partner institutions in WHO WPR will be prioritized for participation in the training. 
To see the GOARN partner institutions, please visit here and see “Our Partners”. 

2. Education
-Undergraduate degree(s) in at least one of the following fields is required: public health, nursing, medicine, laboratory, or related fields. 
-A Master’s or higher-level degree is an advantage. 

3. Experience 
-You must have five or more years of professional experience in the relevant fields, such as infectious diseases and infection control. 

4. Skills
 -Excellent skills in communication and negotiation 
 -Excellent analytical, planning, and organizational skills 
 -Ability to work in a team 
 -Ability to work under pressure 
 -Ability to work in a diverse setting

5. Languages
English proficiency (able to communicate in academic and professional settings) is required.  

6. Attendance and availability 
-100% attendance and completion of the pre-course work and questionnaire after the training. 
-Availability and willingness to be deployed for international missions through GOARN. 

Required Documents 

- All applicants must submit a letter of support for your involvement in the training and support for potential future deployment from your supervisor (ideally from a GOARN partner institution) Only the letter in English language is acceptable. 

- For Japanese applicants: a certificate of an English language test. The minimum requirement is at least one of the following test scores: TOEIC score of 730 or higher, TOEFL score of 550 or higher (iBT 79 or higher), or IELTS Academic score of 6.0 or higher. 

- Personal statement for application to the training (maximum 600 words).

How to apply

We closed the applications on Monday, 13 September 2021 at 8:00 Manila Philippines time/9:00 Tokyo Japan time.
We will send notification of acceptance to the participants by email no later than the end of September 2021. 

We welcome all qualified individuals irrespective of gender, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds from Western Pacific Region to apply. 

For inquiries, please contact the secretariat at the Disease Control and Prevention Center, NCGM via email in Japanese or English. 

Disease Control and Prevention Center (DCC) 
National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM) 
1-21-1 Toyama, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 162-8655  
Website: http://dcc.ncgm.go.jp/en/index.html

国際感染症対策 WHO GOARN 派遣人材育成オンライン研修
(IPC/ケースマネージメントコース)2021 参加者募集


 GOARN(Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network)は、WHOやパートナー機関により設立された、エボラ出血熱、COVID-19等の国際感染症の危機発生時に世界屈指の感染症対策チームを迅速に派遣・運営する国際的な枠組みです。GOARNミッションへの派遣には、GOARN研修の修了や国際的なアウトブレイク対応の経験が重視されていますが、日本ではこれまで人材育成の機会が極めて限られていました。そこで本研究班は、2019年度・2020年度、WHOおよびGOARNの協力を得て、GOARN研修 (GOARN Tier 1.5 Training Workshop)を日本で開催しました。 
 本研修は、現場でのIPC(Infection Prevention and Control)およびケースマネージメントに関する能力強化、またWHO西太平洋地域全域から参加者を募ることにより、専門家間の国際的なネットワークを強化することを目的とします。GOARNへの応募・派遣に関する実践的なノウハウを学ぶ特別セッションの開催も予定しています。 

GOARN Tier1.5 Training Workshopとは 

派遣前必須オンラインコースのTier1と、多職種から構成される国際的なアウトブレイク対応チームへの参加準備を行うTier2の中間コース。GOARNミッションに派遣された経験のある専門家による経験共有、ケーススタディやグループディスカッション等を含むワークショップである。今回はIPCおよびケースマネージメントに特化したTier 1.5オンラインコースとなる。 




2021年11月17日(水)~18日(木)  日本時間13:00-16:00






1. 教育歴
感染症に関連する分野における学士号取得者: 公衆衛生(Public Health)、医学(Medicine)、看護学(Nursing)、検査(Laboratory) など。

2. 実務経験 
-国立感染症研究所 実地疫学専門家養成コース(FETP)(卒業生含む)


4. 語学力
国際ミッションで円滑に業務が可能な英語力を有する。 目安は以下の通り。
英語:TOEIC 730点以上、TOEFL 550点(iBT 79点)、IELTS 6.0以上 

5. 派遣への意思



    - 研修への参加を希望する動機(英文1通、600単語以内)

・応募締め切り:2021年9月13日(月) 日本時間 午前9時(マニラ時間 午前8時) 
・9月下旬 選考結果発表予定 




国立研究開発法人 国立国際医療研究センター(NCGM) 国際感染症センター (DCC)  

We've extended the deadline: